What is Emoji Lottery?

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Your odds of winning the biggest lottery in the country are pretty low. In fact, they’re less than one in 45 million. For comparison, you’re four times more likely to get hit by lightning than strike it lucky on the Lotto ⚡️.

Emoji Lottery was established with a clear mission statement; we wanted to offer a modern alternative to the mainstream traditional lotteries.

Our goal was to create a service that was fun, easy to use, and, most importantly, completely free.

We will never charge our players for tickets, and we will never misuse your personal information. Read our privacy policy.

By playing Emoji Lottery you are also helping good causes. We donate a portion of our revenue, generated by advertisements, to charity.

How does a free lottery work?

Just like Facebook or Twitter, we display adverts on our website that fund our prizes. We don’t need your bank details, winnings are paid straight into your PayPal account.

You have 24 hours after each draw to check your emojis, we can even send you a daily email reminder so you don’t forget to check, if you’d like. There is at least one guaranteed winner every single day. Unclaimed winnings rollover meaning bigger jackpots!

We’ve given away thousands, all without charging our players a penny.

Not playing yet? Sign up for our next draw. It’s free and easy to play.

We hope you enjoy free Emoji Lottery. Best of luck!