About free Emoji Lottery

Emoji Lottery - 100% Free to play!Your odds of winning the biggest lottery in the country are pretty low. In fact, they’re less than one in 45 million. For comparison, you’re four times more likely to get hit by lightning than strike it lucky on the Lotto ⚡️. To add insult to injury, the announcement of changes to Euromillions continues a trend of national lotteries steadily increasing in price, all while making it harder to win.

Emoji Lottery was established with a clear mission statement; we wanted to offer a modern alternative to the mainstream traditional lotteries. Our goal was to create a service that was fun, easy to use, and, most importantly, completely free. We will never charge our players for tickets, and we will never misuse the minimal information we require of them. We will also be fundraising for good causes and making monthly donations to charity.

We hope you enjoy free Emoji Lottery. Best of luck!