House Rules

Updated: 21st March 2018

The first rule of free Emoji Lottery is: you DO talk about Emoji Lottery!
We love Emoji Lottery and hope you do too. The more people who play, the more money we can give away!

No Fake IDs, Please!
Players must be over the age of 16 and have a valid email address. Entrants should enter only once, with one email address. We don’t want to ban anyone, but ignoring this rule may result in your ticket becoming invalid. In the case that we suspect a breach of any of our rules, we reserve the right to withhold prizes.

Free Emoji Lottery is open to players all over the world!
While our prizes are in GBP and our draw takes place 7pm GMT, free Emoji Lottery is open to players all over the world.

Draws will take place each day at 7pm. From the time of the draw, the winner has until 6:59pm the next day to claim their prize, using the claim form on the website. Winning claims are only valid if you’ve registered at least 24 hours before that draw!

Does not compute.
Although a reminder email will be sent out after each draw, computers can be a bit funny sometimes. We are not liable should the email be filtered as spam by your email client or fails to deliver completely – It is your responsibility to check if you’re a winner.

You need to match all five emojis to win, however, the free Emoji Lottery works like a raffle – there will always be a winner, guaranteed. Unclaimed prizes rollover to the next draw, increasing the prize fund. If more than one person wins and claims the prize, it will be divided equally between the winners.

Fun coupons
Cash prizes are paid via PayPal and while we endeavour to pay out the next day, payment may take up to five working days. Usually it’s instant, baby. Ker-ching.

That's all, folks!

Remember, we love you. Forever and always.